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... is situated in between the Harz and the Magdeburg Börde and is the oldest town of Sachsen-Anhalt. Because of the geographical location Aschersleben is also called "Gateway to the Harz".

A popular sight is (among others) the Bestehornhaus. This is a venue for receptions, theatre shows, dance events and comcerts. The St.-Stephani-Kirche, a Gothic hall church, is the landmark of the city.

Just outside the city is the natural recreation area "Alte Burg" situated, with sights as the Zoo Aschersleben, the Planetarium and the  Hexenturm.

There are many different architectural styles of the past centuries in the city of Achersleben. The buildings of the historic city center are determined by the Romanesque period, the Gothic period  (St.-Stephani-Kirche), the Renaissance (Rathaus) and the Baroque period. Just outside the historic city center are buildings in Classicism and Jugendstil style.

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