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The legendary Brocken with its 1142 meter heigth is located in the Hochharz National Park and is the highest peak in northern Germany. 
The legendary Brocken is extending beyond the tree line granite massif. 
The exact origin of the name is still unknown. Over the centuries, numerous variants are known about the origin of the name. The official altitude is 1141.1 m.By placing a granite rock on the Brocken, the generally known altitude of 1142 m was achieved, as can be read on an attached metal plate. 
The one who takes the path to the Brocken on foot needs to deliver a big "Brock" of leg work. The mountain can be climbed from different angles.Ascents of Torfhaus, Ilsenburg, Wernigerode, Bad Harzburg, to name but a few reach, with 800 - 900 meters ascent alpine altitude. The shortest ascent is possible from Schierke. Who now shuns the arduous climb on foot, can also go by the Brockenbahn and leave from Wernigerode, Drei Annen Hohne Schierke or on the rocks. 

The train is pulled by a steam locomotive and is therefore subject to many funny looking photographers. The journey ends on a heigth of  1125 m at the Brocken station, one of the highest stations of Germany. 
It is important to pay attention to clothing when planning to walk up the Brocken due to its rough climate. About a quarter of the year the temperatures are around zero. In the long winter, it can sometimes reach up to minus 28 degrees Celsius.Several months the mountain is characterized by a closed snow cover. 

When you stand on the peak and have a bit of luck, the Brocken is covered in fog on many days, you can see Wernigerode, Ilsenburg etc.. The short summer is marked by a climate that adapted flora and fauna. Since the Brocken and its surroundings are part of the national park, nature can develop undisturbed. 

In the vernacular, the Brocken was called "block mountain" and is the source of many legends. Above all, witches and ghosts will float on the Brocken due to their mischief. The highlight of the Witch celebrations is Walpurgisnacht, the night is from April 30 to May 1. 
It is celebrated in many cities in the Harz with tourist attractions.