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Burg Falkenstein

The Falkenstein Castle is located on a 134m high mountain peak in the Selketal. The walk from the parking spaces takes the visitors through a beautiful nature reserve. The best preserved in the Harz was opened to the public in the 19th century already. Nowadays, the museum Burg Falkenstein is a loved tourist destination.

Between 1120 and 1150, the Falkenstein Castle was built as late Roman fortifications. The three-leaf plant with seven gates, kennels and three trenches neck is one of the most beautiful and most fortified castles of the Harz. The builder was Burchard d. J. von der Konradsburg, who was first called Herr von Falkenstein in 1120. Next, the castle came in possession of the lords of Asseburg in 1437, due to the extinction of the male family line of Falkenstein in1334.  Those guys rebuilded the castle in the 17th century into Reinaissance style, with which the medieval construction was in basics still maintained. The counts of the Asseburg-Falkenstein gave the castle the character of a hunting and summer residence in the 19th century.

A Gothic chapel, the Bergfried with wide overview and the well-preserved inner castle, with its rich collection of furniture, paintings and hunting weapons from five centuries, offers visitors an unusual experience and a lot of space for individual discovery. Interesting is also the rectangular three-storey residential tower and the former kitchen (now the entrance and box office) and the 20 m deep well, the now uncovered a small wooden house. Nowadays the castle is opened as a museum with its history as well as multiple other opportunities. For instance one can get married here So in church and civil marriage, children baptized and in the Burgsummer and during Christmas concert music is heard.