Buffets & MenĂ¼s

Buffet selection

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Italy buffet € 39.50 p.p.


Colorful peppers in olive oil & rosemary, baked zucchini with oregano,

Parma ham with grissini, grilled eggplant on garlic yogurt,

Slices of tomato on mozzarella, salami variation "Italian style",

Variation of smoked fish, seafood salad with various dressings


Minestrone „Tuscan style"


Leaf salads with olives, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers & dressings


Italian cheese selection with ciabatta, pesto, and aioli

Warm food variation

Penne Rigato in gorgonzola cream sauce with chicken strips

Pork fi lettuce medallions in balsamic sauce with gnocchi, salmon filet

on Mediterranean vegetables and lime sauce,

Chicken legs marinated with grappa and herbs

roasted potatoes, Tuscan vegetables,

Tortelli with tomato and mozzarella


Tiramisu, amaretto cream with cherries & amarettinis

Panna Cotta with fruit pulp, fresh grappa fruits


€39.50 p.p.

Bookable for groups of at least 30 people

Grill buffet € 32.00 p.p.


Variation of leaf salads with dressings and trimmings,

fresh garden herbs and sprouts,

Chinese cabbage salad with pineapple and paprika,

Farfalle Salad with dried beef tomatoes and rocket,

Mia-Mix salad with carambola

From the grill

Turkey saté,

Spare-Rips heartily marinated,

Ribeye and pork steaks,

Pike-perch fillet in herb-lime marinade with a large selection of barbecue sauces

Side dishes

buttered corncobs,

Baked potatoes with herb sour cream,

Country Potatoes,

glazed almond vegetable pan,

fresh fruit salad with orange sugar,

Tiramisu, muffins


€ 32.00 p.p.

 Surcharge: € 150,00 construction park

Surcharge: € 25,00 staff per hour

Bookable for groups of at least 15 people

Wedding buffet € 37.50 p.p


Honeydew melon with Serrano ham

Roast beef with remoulade sauce and mixed pickles

Fishplate with smoked fish variations with cream - horseradish


Altmärkische wedding soup


Various homemade and fresh salad variations

Served with various dressings

Bread selection

Various types of bread and rolls, butter


Austrian cheese assortment

Tomato - Mozzarella with basil

Warm food variation until 21:30

Chicken breast Tuscan style, grilled vegetables and rosemary potatoes

Roasted salmon in Riesling grape sauce with colourful vegetables and rice

Pork loin in cream with colourful vegetables and potato gratin

Nuggets, pasta with tomato sauce for the children

Dessert buffet

Mousse of white and dark chocolate with vanilla sauce

Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce

Fresh fruit salad


€37.50 p.p.

Bookable for groups of at least 30 people

Christkindl buffet € 37.50 p.p.

Cold appetizers

Scandinavian fish platter with a selection of smoked fish specialties,

Slices of honeydew melon with mild cottage ham,

large Italian antipasti plate with various vegetables and mushrooms


Pumpkin and ginger soup


Winter salad selection with different dressing

Bread selection

Oven-fresh baguette and party rolls with butter


International cheese platter

Warm food variation

Pork cutlet "Viennese style" with duchess potatoes, roast beef

"housewife style" with mushrooms in burgundy sauce, spaetzle & market fresh

Vegetables, pangasius let in Riesling sauce and Patna rice


Bavarian cream with raspberry pulp, white coffee mousse with whipped cream,

Cinnamon ice stars, winter pastry


€37.50 p.p.

Bookable for groups of at least 30 people