Brunch in the Van der Valk Parkhotel Schloss Meisdorf

The Sunday is up to the family. We would like to welcome you in our restaurant. We offer you many delicacy for a good start into a beautiful day. Furthermore there are crispy rolls, fresh bread, and fineness choice of meat- and chees sorts, fresh fruits, warm flesh- and fish dishes with side dishes and vegetables.

Terms: 08.05.2016 / 22.05.2016
from 11:30 till 14:00 a clock

11,90 € p.p. excluding beverages

Please reserve before you arrive.

You can keep in contact with us:

Parkhotel Schloss Meisdorf 
Allee 5 
06463 Falkenstein Harz OT Meisdorf 

T. +49 34743 98 0 
F. +49 34743 98 222

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